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          How many broken USB cables have you replaced since your first smartphone? 
    Did you realize USB cables are so easily-frayed that they almost lose their economic and environmental advantage just like disposable batteries?  We can replace the disposable battery with the rechargeable one. What can we replace the easy frayed cable with?
    Have you been looking for a durable USB cable that magically regenerates itself after frayed or broken? You are in luck,take a look to our high-tech regenerative USB cable . Say NO to short-lived USB cables.

    Great Feedbacks from Media and testers
    How It Works
    Renewable Cable brings the revolutionary solution that allows the cable to regenerate after it is broken, frayed, or shredded. The cable is so durable that you will no longer need to replace it with another one!
    Self Renew Instructions
    Elegant Design
    Unlike other self-proclaimed unbreakable USB cables, we attach the importance of aesthetic to its design. You will like its softness and colorful cord and start to ask why you need stiff and hard cable in the first place.

    All Types Suit to Your Devices
    Security Chip
    Built-in security chip can detect the status of the cable and socket/port. The cable automatically turns off the current when not charging. Not only does this function protracts the battery life of your phone and gadgets, more importantly, it also protects you from electrical hazards. 
    Our RenewCable is designed for a lifespan of 20 years. Cables on average have the life expectancy of 3 to 6 months. If a cable is frayed every half year, one will instead consume 30 to 40 cables during the lifespan of RenewCable. The alternative 40 cables can cost you up to 400 bucks. By choosing our product, you can save over 90% on cable spending.  

    We have reviewed some depressing statistics done by researchers: An estimated 50 million tons of E-waste are produced each year. The USA discards 30 million computers each year and 100 million phones are disposed of in Europe each year. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that only 15–20% of e-waste is recycled, the rest of these electronics go directly into landfills and incinerators.
    Guiyu in the Shantou region of China is a massive electronic waste processing community.
     It is often referred to as the "e-waste capital of the world."  Guiyu is only one example of digital dumps but similar places can be found across the world in Nigeria, Ghana, and India’.
    We need something more sustainable and eco-friendly. By switching from regular USB Cable to Renew Cable, you are making a contribution to our environment. One Renewable Cable can replace more than 30 regular USB cables. The cord of our cable is covered with TPE, a material that meets the requirements of human skin contact hygiene and is widely recognized as a green environmental protection material. 

    What’s Inside The Cable
    Why It Matters
    USB cable usually frays at the junction between the port and the cord. Once they are frayed, they're potentially dangerous and need to be replaced with a new one.  
    A phone cable puts out 5 volts at 5 watts/1 amp (a tablet charger puts out 12 watts/2.1 amps), and while that doesn't sound like much, it's more than enough power to cause overheating and the beginnings of a fire. On top of that, a frayed cable can also cook the battery by causing a short circuit, which again can result in a fire.
    Where The Idea Comes From
    Our industrial designers observed the distinct regenerative nature of lizard. Facing a strong enemy, the lizard will cute its tail off so it may escape the dire situation and regenerate its tail. This was the inspiration that facilitates the design of our regenerative cable.
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