Colorful Waterproof Bluetooth Sport Fitness Tracker G26 Smartwatch

Why Teamyo is the best fitness tracker and smartwatch?

  People wear separate wristwatches for sport, fashion, and health. There are many good wristwatches for sport, there are many wristwatches for fashion and of course, there are numerous watches that can monitor your health but there are very few watches that can perform all the three functions together. This is where Teamyo Smartwatch comes in. This smartwatch is great for sports, it is fantastic for health as it has the facility to monitor your health rate and most importantly, it is fantastic for fashion.

  For health, This smartwatch will monitor your heart rate for 24 hours whether you are sleeping or wide awake. It does not only monitor your heart rate, but it also measures and records your heartbeats. It is needless to remind you that your rate of heartbeat says a lot about your health. In addition, it also monitors the quality of your sleep. You will agree that with your heart rate and sleep quality, your physician will be able to tell you a lot about your health.

  For fitness During workouts, the smartwatch will count your steps and it will also record the mileage you have covered. For weight loss enthusiasts, it will also help to track the number of calories lost. So, you will be able to determine the progress of your weight loss quest. It provides all other fitness-related data. It is indeed the best fitness tracker smartwatch online.

  For fashion, The smartwatch combines visual appeal with style. This is why it is suitable for all occasions. You can wear it to your office/class, you can wear it for the casual outing and you can also wear it for parties. Being available in four colours gives you four different options. It comes in black, grey, purple, and cloth grey. Most importantly, it is very comfortable. It fits firmly on your wrist but not too tight. You can wear it to bed and you can also wear it to play volleyball, basketball or any other sport.

  Other attractive features It is both dustproof and waterproof so you can wear it to wash your hands, take a shower, or enjoy a swimming session. However, don’t let it come in contact with hot water. Its built-in 110mAh lasts for at least 5 days without switching it off.

  It has some day-to-day facilities like stopwatch, calculator, BT remote control camera shooting, clock alarm, music player, calls & message alerts and many more. It alerts you of any email, Twitter, or Facebook notification. It also shows a daily weather forecast for your trips.

  Its super clear display offers clear information. It has a ROM of 512KB and a RAM capacity of 64KB. Its Bluetooth distance is about 8 meters. So, you can share the file with devices that are up to 8 meters away. To ensure language is not a barrier, the smartwatch offers up to 10 App and bracelet languages apart from English and users have the ability to customize the dial.

  In conclusion, Teamyo smartwatch is not just a watch, it is a sophisticated device that will make your life easier. For more information and to buy the best smartwatch for men and woman visit


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