How smartwatch changed my life fundamentally.

How smartwatch changed my life fundamentally.

How smartwatch changed my life fundamentally. 

Smart devices have totally changed our daily life, in the meantime, all of us seems can't live without smart devices. Have you had a frustrated moment that you really want sit an around have a meditation, while when you start to do that, you took a mobile casually and can't go out from some apps for a long time? Today I'm going to tell you how smartwatch changed my life fundamentally.

Smartwatches operate via Bluetooth connection to your phone, so you have to have it around to get functionality.

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Drag you away from mobile 

I have a relatively large apartment with two floors, and there is not one location throughout the house where I lose Bluetooth connection. Not one! My watch is always connected.

This has opened up my life in many important ways. First, I don't have to lug my phone around. But most importantly, I am a more present human being while at home. This is important. I have wife, I have hobbies, and I generally enjoy not sticking my nose in a phone all day.

Now I spend almost zero time on my phone while I'm at home (or at work!) getting distracted by a million different things. My watch lets me simply glance at my notifications in an innocuous way, decide quickly whether to act and then move on. Smartwatches don't do enough stuff to distract you for too long. They are efficient little devices. You get your information, and you get out.

This one simple change in the way I use my gadgets has totally changed the way I live my daily life, and once people realize that, the health function smartwatch will be unstoppable. It's going to be the best smartwatch yet.

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Fitness goals reminder 

Owning a smartwatch has totally changed my life for the better for several reasons. I’ve been working from home for quite a while now. Coming up on 10 years I think. The one downside to working from home is that I wasn’t moving NEARLY as much as I should or even thought I was. I would have had no idea if I hadn’t started using a fitness tracker. I LOVE having an easy reminder to move more, seeing how different things affect my sleep, and just having a good overall view of how I’m doing with my fitness goals.

If you aren’t familiar with the  ECG Blood Pressure Heart Rate Smart Bracelet, it’s an entire smartwatch and fitness tracker. You have access to all your activity with daily stats and insights, can get on-screen workout guidance, and get continuous heart rate tracking (which is SUPER important to me as I’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t with my auto-immune disorder).

Owning a smartwatch has totally changed my life for the better for several reasons. I’ve been working from home for quite a while now. 

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How Using a Smartwatch Changed My Life

So how has using a smartwatch changed my life? In quite a few ways actually! Here are the benefits I’ve found using mine regularly:

  • I move quite a bit more than I did before. Especially after setting up personalized reminders.
  • With the heart rate tracking, I can make sure I’m getting what I want out of my workouts AND not over-do it.
  • Weight loss. Having access to see my calorie counts (and calorie burning) throughout the day has helped me get back on track with my weight loss goals. Even though my goals may be smaller, it has made a HUGE difference in my success.
  • Better sleep habits. I was able to discover when I need to stop drinking caffeine for the day, or what habits help me get better sleep.
  • I look at my phone a LOT less. Since I can quickly glance at my on-screen notifications, I don’t have to keep picking up my phone to check the notifications so I don’t miss an important email.
  • I don’t miss calls from the family. I leave my phone on silent a lot and often miss calls from the family. Wearing a smartwatch means that it’s pretty hard to miss a phone call!

All of these little things add up to a lot for me. I absolutely love having and using a smartwatch!

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